XFUEL – Another Token in the STATIC Network

It should be stressed that neither a proof-of-work nor a proof-of-stake consensus is used. Accordingly, there will be about 650 million XBY from the beginning. As indicated above, operators of STATIC nodes will be involved in fees. To initiate a STATIC node, a certain amount must be deposited in XBY as a deposit – DASH and other master node systems send their greetings. The amount is different for the existing levels 1, 2 and 3 at STATIC nodes.

In principle, a high number of STATIC nodes would be good for decentralization. If we now assume that a large number of STATIC nodes would accumulate over time, the problem would be that the liquidity of the crypto currency would drop dramatically with the increasing number of nodes. To stop this, the number of STATIC nodes is limited and a token called XFUEL is created in addition to the actual XBY currency. This is to be used to „pay“ developers and supporters. In addition, XFUEL can be used to replace one third of the necessary XBY deposit with X-FUEL, thus maintaining liquidity.

X-CHANGE, X-VAULT and the XTRABYTEs Possibilities of cryptosoft Development

The modular structure of cryptosoft also allows fast expansion like this: https://www.geldplus.net/en/cryptosoft-review/ Using the DICOM API (DICOM stands for Distributed Command Message) extensions can be written in different languages. So modules and decentralized applications or dApps can be written in programming languages like Visual Basic, Java or C++.

A few modules are already planned: X-CHANGE should become a decentralized Exchange. First and foremost, hosters of STATIC nodes should be able to use this decentralized exchange. With X-VAULT, a decentralized file storage is to be created on the basis of the VITALS nodes. The data will be distributed over different STATIC nodes and encrypted.

Finally, further apps such as X-CHAT, X-PAY, X-CERT and X-DEAL are planned.

A shadow of the crypto trader past called Bitmox

So much for the crypto trader concept: https://www.forexaktuell.com/en/crypto-trader-scam/ Admittedly, the overall concept behind this crypto currency is quite confusing. A lot of details had to be gathered and with STATIC, PULSE and VITAL it is also a rather confusing system.

For several critics there is a shadow on XTRABYTES: This crypto currency is a hard fork from Bitmox, whose ICO was a fraud. However, it has to be acknowledged that Borzalom, the developer behind XTRABYTES, is transparent about this past and stresses that he wants to steer the project in a different direction. But on Reddit and other dark corners, further criticism is levelled at the project and the main developer behind it. The rumors in the criticism even go as far as paid pump-and-dump groups. It should also be noted that the developers want to patent at least some aspects of the technology, which undoubtedly leads to a centralization of the technology behind it.

The ideas behind the project are certainly exciting, but with regard to the Red Flags listed above, the investor should follow the project with healthy skepticism. If you want to get a closer look at XTRABYTES, please refer to the white paper, the website and the very active forum.