Bitcoin volatility could increase due to this upcoming event


Bitcoin’s volatility has been the hallmark or flagship of cryptomontage genesis. It is perhaps the feature that the media has highlighted throughout its existence.

But, although volatility has been marked by many as something to avoid when investing, volatility is the reason to achieve higher than average gains.

As a result, many traders, like good human beings, try to predict the price of Bitcoin using many mathematical, physical and even astrological theories.

Low Bitcoin Volatility Reaches 3 Months

The current volatility of Bitcoin
In almost 8 weeks, the price of Bitcoin Freedom has been trading on a side strip.

This has caused Bitcoin’s volatility to be reduced to unusually low levels, considering its well-known price history.

In other words, sometimes the price of Bitcoin rises with parabolic ups and sometimes with decreases as painful as the one that occurred in March of this year.

This, in everyone’s eyes, has made Bitcoin often seem unpredictable.

Thus, for unpredictable problems what better than to look for an answer in the stars.

You did read right. Astrological beliefs have played an important role in human history, thought, worldviews, language, and other elements of social culture. And the financial markets have not been exempt from this.

The practice of relating the movement of celestial bodies to events in the financial markets is relatively new. A number of analysts seem to have found a correlation between an astrological event and volatility in the price of Bitcoin.

Especially if we think that the markets are affected by human psychology and that this in turn can be „altered by the activity of the stars“, then it could have some validity.

In other words, despite the inconsistency between financial astrology and standard economic or financial theory, it seems to be widespread among capital market traders.

How can we use Forex volatility to our advantage?

The Mercury phenomenon in retrograde
An astrological event is about to occur that in recent years has been associated with some of Bitcoin’s most volatile periods.

On June 18, 2020, a phenomenon called „Mercury in Retrograde“ will begin.

This phenomenon means that, during this phase, Mercury appears to move backwards across the night sky.

Certainly, there are many articles that relate this planetary activity with effects on different human activities.

According to astrology, Mercury in Retrograde specifically affects communication and technology. It can also negatively influence luck and mood, „bringing misfortune to many.